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I changed the build prop and now my phone won't boot up:'( it gets past the solo logo but then a blank black screen. I can't even get into droid boot. PLS HELPP!!! :'( :'(

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boot fone into bootloader and then use brick fix in my tool

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I have the same trouble after updating update.zip(from xolo 299mb).

Then I do the flash -i 0x8087 flash update update.zip. My dead phone don't boot normally.I can only see xolo logo.

after I saw topic http://www.modaco.co...00-big-trouble/.

I have found that i can see the same screen without hdmi ,only use data line.

But problem cames again. It don't work .My orange san diego updating stopped in software update.

I can't upload picture. So i type out:

"software update

final approval

The update will now be installed and this device will be restarted.

During this time you will not be able to make calls or use other applications

on this device"

After 2 hours it won't change a little.

Can't any one help me? Many thanks!

More details.

Edited by xiaopantt

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