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int2ext question

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Quick question for you boffins, can int2ext be used with multiple roms on the same phone?

Just asking cos I fancy having more than one CM10.1 based rom on the phone, such as AOKP, PA3.15, CM10 but what will happen if I try to use int2ext with each one?

Will they overwrite each other if I make recovery backups of each one? Or does the backup include each individual rom's int2ext partitions?


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A CWM backup will contain the int2ext script and the ext partition.

But when you restore a backup it will remove all existing apps and replace them with the one from the backup.

One thing you can do is to install the rom you want to go to and the int2ext script, that way your apps will be kept, but it can cause problems and therefore is not recommended

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That's fine then, so as long as I install each rom from scratch, then install the gapps package and finally the int2ext script, then install all my apps and then do a recovery backup, each rom will have everything it needs if I end up restoring it?

Just asked cos I've installed your AOKP and now also want to try the new fixed PA.

Thanks for the info/help :)

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