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Help needed, newbie. Ascend G300

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hi Sorry if this is all old-hat, did search various posts, newbie android user.

I've updated to the latest Cyanogen module. my playstore and google were not available after.

i had to uninstall playstore, (can't reinstall for some reason) but now since then every time I try to download an app, it says compatible, will be sent to your phone shortly, (both via computer and wifi I've tried) but they never appear.

is there anything I might have turned off (background data is not restricted) to stop them coming through?

I also have a problem now as turning on email sync isn't working. Any suggestions?

Lastly something is draining my credit by a few pence every day when i turn on the phone. What might it be?

Apologies if these questions are irritating, but if anyone can help/offer suggestions, would be terrific. love the phone incidentally for anyone looking for something under £100, but these niggles are frustrating!

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hey microscope, out of interest what cyanogen version are you using. I had the same problem with lossing the play store and all a while back, i solved the problem by re-installing the earlier version of the cyanogen, or try installing a newer version of the OS.

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