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What should I do with my Skate now that I've moved on?

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Since Orange are no more (They are now EE) I have been told by my local store staff that they cannot repair my 'Orange' brand phone (strange) but whatever.

I'm getting a new phone in less than a week, but I still want to revive my Skate for development purposes. I think the USB port is broken, however, since the battery seems fine, the cable is fine and the phone itself is okay. But whenever I plug in the cable to charging light flashes a few times, and If I turn the phone off first, it becomes apparent that the cable isn't in properly (I've tried multiple cables) so I think it is the port.

I was wondering if there was somewhere I could take it to get it repaired? It doesn't come from a very major brand and my seller didn't want to repair it for me. If it is the port, I can't just buy spares on the internet so... Any ideas?

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Development should still be pretty easy, as you can just use Wireless ADB instead.

As for charging, I'm not too sure. There are ways you can try to fix it yourself, but if you aren't handy with a soldering iron I wouldn't really recommend that.

Before you do anything, try using a really small needle to try and clean any dust/grime out of the port. I've seen cases where that was the only problem.

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