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Quick question about going from one crashed Rom to another

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Really sorry to post a new topic for this but my daughter is home from uni and I have limited time to fix her phone. So, I'm hoping some kind soul is online who might be able to answer a quick question.

When she got her phone, I loaded up Infusion ROM and it has been pretty good for the most part. Unfortunately, every few months, the phone turns off and gets stuck on the white Huawei loading screen. Once I fixed this by just taking the battery out and waiting for a while - then it restarted. However, last week it wouldn't start no matter what. So, my daughter booted in to Clockwork Mod and tried to restore a recent backup and it said MD5 mismatch. Then she restored a very old back-up and the phone is basically back to stock. Clockwork mod doesn't seem to work - neither does vol up or vol down with power on - just boots in to stock rom.

The phone status shows its on build number B926 with baseband 2030 and Android ver. 4.03, kernel version is 3.08-perf-00158-g222d0d1

So, I want to know what I should do to just get her a decent ROM on there. Do I just start again following the guide for 5 year olds and assume the phone is out of the box ? Or is there anything particular I should do ?

If anyone is kind enough to answer, could you recommend a very stable ROM please - doesn't need to be flashy (although the latest stable would be a bonus if it has some bells and whistles).

Thanks in advance

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That's very strange to happen just like that...root install cwm (CWM-Easy-Installer ) then update with this recovery-clockwork-hybrid- one form dazz ( just flash zip in cwm) then open bootloader all basics you know.. ^_^

I would recommend slim rom v10 (latest v11) battery friendly preforms nice with paul's kernel latest #19..very nice toggles from p1 on v10 reason I'm not updating to v11 uses cm toggles.. give a try...been using it for a while and feels like a winner..and yes once you set up way she likes it back up in cwm first thing...

p.s. you may ask tillaz about infusion he's always there to help if needed if you want to try infusion again... :D

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If I got you right, you cant get into cwm?

Find debugging option in settings and turn it on. Find also fast boot and turn it off.

Then try to get into cwm.

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After that, get Cm10r6 from dazzozo, gapps too :)

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