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xolox900 / OSD heating issues

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hi everyone , im buying a xolo x900 next week , and i've heard a lot about the infamous heating issues ...

question 1 -- how bad is it ??

question 2 -- apart from reducing clock speed ( which doesn't work btw ) are there any known fixes ??

question 3 -- do OSD users get this too ?? or is it only in the xolo ??

has anyone tried heat sinks or something ?? someone told me that placing a sheet of aluminium foil between the back cover and the phone can reduce heating ( more like evenly distribute it ) <-- would that work ??

thanks in advance ... cheers

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It shouldn't be an issue. It just gets hot.

Once I've had it overheat and it said charging could not continue due to overheating.

But overall the overheating is manageable and shouldn't prevent you from buying this.

I had it on both the xolo and orange rom

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