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Explain Each Folder For What Its Used For In The Rom ZIP

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Could Someone Explain Each Folder Would Really Appreciate It Thank you

which one holds network files and lights for capacative keys.

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Cust - ?

Data - A Partition in the internal memory where all the user and system data is stored, (like the settings, and app data)

META-INF - information about the update or flash zip. Also tells CWM what to do, and where to install things to.

System - Where the ROM is stored, like the C:\Windows folder in windows

APP - Where apps are stored

Bin - The User data / binaries

Etc - a shortcut to /system/etc

Fonts - Where all the fonts are stored :P

Framework - ?

Lib -

Media - Where things like ringtones are stored

Themes - Where the phone themes are stored

Usr - More user data

Vendor - Stuff from the vendor (I would guess vodafone cr*pware

Wifi - Where data about the wifi radio and access points are stored

Xbin - Extra (I'm guessing :P) Binaries

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I would guess lights for capacitive keys are in system/usr/keylayout

To find the keys, boot to recovery go advanced > key test, press the capacitive buttons and take note of the numbers.

Or maybe you could edit build.prop by changing:


to zero.

also, if your phone is rooted then go to system, usr, keylayout, and open generic.kl with a text editor, find the number of the keys that you want to disable and put a "#" sign at the start of the line. Save the file and reboot phone. Now the keys are disabled.

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look at they arrays.xml in the framework-res.apk (or settings.xml),

the values for the capacitive button lights are there, but i could only get them to turn off completely, not dim them

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