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CM 9 + Nokia BH-105 (Bluetooth headset) - Only keep their connection after a fresh pairing

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I'm a bit dependent on my bluetooth headset to keep in touch while driving, I refuse to answer or make any call without it.

With the stock rom, I don't even have a voice dialer, so I installed one for version 4.0.3, it starts, and sometimes it works, but most of the times it would get stuck with a "starting..." label on the top.

So I tried to find any cfw with voice dialer included, and I found cyanogen.

I'm using version 9, but I've got a bit of a problem.

When I pair the bluetooth headset with the G300 for the 1st time and start using the headset, everything works great. If I switch off the headset and then switch it on, it connects automatically to the phone, but this connection only last about 2 seconds. The same happens if I connect them manually, works for 1~2 seconds and then its gone.

My current solution is to unpair the device and then pair it again before using the bluetooth, but if I forget to do this, I've got to stop the car and do it.

Thanks for all the help,

Luis Pinho

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