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Kernel Config Modules

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Hi all, just found a link to these on google, not sure what they are or do :


These are various drivers, it seems:


@@ USB to serial (Prolific PL-2303)

@@ USB sound card(s?)

@@ USB network card(s?)

@@ CD-ROM driver (can you imagine a CD-ROM in your San Diego? :D )

Thank you for taking the time to post these - we appreciate that :)


Please find attached a "strings" dump of all modules *and* the file linked to, re-packed into ZIP format for maximum compatibility:



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Build Lava XOLO X900 unofficial kernel

Posted on Thursday December 20th, 2012 by admin

Synchronization since (the best display please click): http://zohead.com/archives/xolo-x900-kernel/

The goal of this article Lava XOLO X900 mobile phone of the Indian curry flavor, the same core Intel Atom Z2460 transplant kernel method before the Lenovo K800 phone is basically the same, please venue on the link below:


After confirmation XOLO X900 default is also Android 4.0.4 ROM, the same 3.0.8 kernel, of course, the hardware will be different, but the need to use the OTG U disk usb-storage module is also not open by default and K800.

Based on essentially the same kernel source, the first to use the the Medfield default configuration i386_mfld_defconfig, compared with the existing gap between the kernel, then out with the Moto i386_mfld_moto_defconfig compile the module loaded still to panic. Not, bite the bullet and compared with the actual running kernel to be modified based on the default configuration i386_mfld_defconfig better and see XOLO is relatively association or do some optimization, removed like CONFIG_DEBUG_KERNEL like many debugging options, the default allows tun driver. Another different sound card configuration more, after the final changes and confirm, compiled, the first has been able to successfully load those modules compiled on the K800 before.

Kernel module and configuration files XOLO X900 Download:


Use basically the same method and K800, just use CIFS file system changes:

the insmod des_generic.ko the

insmod md4.ko

insmod cifs.ko

ASIX Electronics USB Ethernet card driver asix.ko also has been updated to the latest official version (comes with kernel version can not be used).

Can now basically confirmed after I altered the kernel and X900 existing kernel similarity over 90% or more, but the X900 phone tragedy drops bootloader locked, you can not brush unsigned kernel, and yet there is no good way to directly replace the kernel for testing oh.

In addition, there are some caveats:

  • Existing kernel XOLO X900 support Kineto GAN virtual NIC driver (support VOIP phone network) Moto Razr i open the kernel source did not have this support, for which I manually increase the driver (download above kernel configuration in some);
  • There are apwr3_0 pax, sep3_7 three non-free open source kernel module source code, for the time being there is no way to find online, but now, it seems X900 actual run-time unused three modules.

Similarly, I will not make any resulting responsibility for the consequences of your phone panic hang any questions are welcome corrections Oh ^ _ ^

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Oops my bad, just realised that the link to the files i posted are from this link already posted:

sorry OP :huh:

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