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Looking for a "cradle" type holder for a desk, for Android development

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Hi there everyone :)

I am looking for a cheap but reasonable "cradle" type holder, the likes of which are seen gripping smart phones in cars, to allow me to stand the San Diego on my desk as I write and test apps. Whichever stand I get, will need to allow micro HDMI access, also.

Any recommendations? Needs to be well below £10.

Never mind paying for it, I just found a better (free) stand; an old "mini DV" cassette case:


I just need to add some padding inside, so the handset is raised enough to allow the touch buttons to be pressed. Nice ;)

Many thanks :)


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can't beat free :)

Ashame there is not enough room underneath for USB lead, would be perfect then.

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Haha this is turning into Blue Peter

Nice blog by the way ! :)

Cheers, I did look for a holder, but I couldn't find anything that did the job, so figured I'd build something, I'd be lethal if a I had a 3d printer.

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