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Ubuntu for zte blade

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No one is trying to do?Ubuntu mobile!

cant ever happen. First its in beta 2nd Blade internal space is very low 3rd It will be too laggy coz blade has very weak processor 4rth its for ARMv7 devices and blade is Armv6

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Dont even try to port it for now..at least until its fully released..i tried it on my nexus 4 and i saw that it was piece of crap for now..all the contacts were just preview photos..all messages in that notification message are preview..all song and video cover are just previews and apps icons (many of them) are preview..couldnt even find file manager or video or music player

What i found working was phone(laggy),message,camera,bunch of other things...

I deleted it within 1 hour of installation..

Conclusion is that ubuntu preview is truely just preview, as same as a screenshot of something..

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