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G300 fell out of pocket - now the display stays black ...

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Hey there guys!

I just let my phone fall out of my pocket accidentally. It is not the first time, but this time the display stayed dark :(

Restarting did not help, only the backlight turns on. Connecting to my PC the touchscreen still seems to work properly, as I can watch slowly refreshing screenshot previews in my HiSuite screenshot window.

What can I do now? Could it be just the connection between the display and the graphics adapter, that broke, or is it more likely that the whole display wont do anything no more?

Oh my, this aint a good day ...


I forgot to mention, that I rooted the device and I am currently on the ROM "U8815V100R001C185B886" -- does this expire the guarantee for both the hardware and the software or just the software?

And: should I try to have a look if I can repair the device by myself (i.e. ask some collegues of mine who appear to precision engineers) or should I send it back to Vodafone where I ordered it?

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Sooo I found out warranty does not play any role when it comes to falling damages so the only affordable option (Vodafone wants 135 € for the repair, I would rather buy a new one phone!) seems to be a repair by myself or someone with a little talent.

With the discribed issue, would you order a touchscreen as well or just a new LCD? And: as there seems to be dust under the glass suddenly, is there any special kind of damage it would most likely be?

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Aaaand it is repaired! :D

My collegue opened the device with little hope following one of the youtube disassembling videos and when we came to the point that wie could lift the plugged plastic frame we saw that the only problem was the accidentally unplugged display connector. Sadly, there still is some dust under the glass, but that aint a real problem compared to a none-working display ;)

Conclusion: when you are OK with loosing the warranty (and I guess most of you are, as here is the playground for those wo love to mod their stuff) and when you are skilled with small tools just a little just try and reassemble your smartphone!

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i keept losing my touch screen any slight knock and it would not work,took it apart found out alot of the screws were lose so tight nd them up put phone bk together and not had one problem since

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