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Why do mobile providers LIE about "unlimited" data?

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Unlimited coffee refills... means what it says.

Unlimited food, at a buffet... ditto.

So *why* are mobile service providers allowed to blatantly LIE about their "unlimited" data? Yes, I know I'll probably use a fraction of it, but a lie is a lie is a lie!!


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Who uses virgin?

I do, on my San Diego (for now). I've just connected a SIM this evening, and having 1.6Mbps upload and 95Gb bandwidth, is invaluable to me, as I constantly film/screencast tutorials in 720p/1080p/1600x1200, and have to upload LOTS of photos.

£10 = 95Gb + 300 sms + your £10 airtime :D = CRACKING!

PS: I have avoided them for years, after they fleeced me over a £3 charge, but even so, a prudent person can see that this is a good deal; I'm not committing to them as my main number (that's giffgaff) but for the price, this is incredible!

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