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Status 7 Error code when flashing new roms

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I had using CM7 rom for a long time and decided to try the 10.1 versions,but when I tried to flash them the Status 7 Error code showed again and again,had to try different recoverys,some recoverys may not show this error code, they just failed

I did a lot search but no method would work

tried C3C0‘s SlimBean ROM - Android 4.2.2 at last,it worked,finally


delete some files in tilal6991’s 10.1 rom to make the whole file is about 90M(the old cm7 is about that size)and it works fine

I realised that I Flashed the TPTs files and the system room is too small(can't remember,might be 150M) ,so when you try bigger roms it will never work

about tps please check the link below

ZTE Skate TPTs

I spent a whole day and hope this will help

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Yeah, Status 7 is a pretty common error code. I think the TPT thread should have warnings or something for the ones with a low /system size, since very few ROMs will actually fit in a tiny /system partition.

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