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MoDaCo Toolkit 19 is now available

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Version 19 of the MoDaCo Toolkit is now available featuring 3 new modules, together with a new version of Xposed for enhanced HTC One and Galaxy S4 support.

The new release adds the following modules:

  • HTC One: Match battery image to %
      On the HTC One the battery indicator can be rather misleading, this mod makes the image correspond exactly to how much battery is really left.
    • HTC One: Rename Flashlight to Torch
        In the UK we don't call it a Flashlight, it's a torch. This fixes it!
      • Play Store: Lower case wishlist menu (for @le3ky!)
        • Rachid didn't like seeing 'My apps' and 'My Wishlist' together... so this makes it 'My wishlist'. Heh.
        • in addition to those already included...

            [*]Amazon MP3 - Force US locale - use this if cloud player is not yet available in your country. Clear data on Amazon MP3 after enabling.

            [*]Facebook: Force Home Compatibility: Facebook will detect your device as Facebook Home compatible

            [*]Google: Disable Wallet checks - remove region and root checks from Google Wallet

            [*]Google: Force Play Store to 720P - your device will appear as a 720P device to the store, useful if apps are missing on your 1080P device

            [*]Google: Prevent app disabling - apps from outside your region (e.g. Wallet, Sound Search) will not be disabled on startup

            [*]Google / Asus Nexus 7: Show Camera icon in launcher

            [*]HTC One: Don't disable ADB - ADB WILL NOT be disabled on boot if the device has a secure lockscreen configuration. DANGER: This is a potential security risk - handle with care!

            [*]HTC One: Enable button options - the button options item will appear in settings, allowing you to configure the back button long press as menu

            [*]HTC One: Hide Kid Mode on power menu - this removes the Kid Mode option on the menu displayed when you long press the power button

            [*]HTC One: Show Blinkfeed icon in launcher

            [*]SlingPlayer: Disable legacy hardware warning - remove the warning when connecting to older Slingboxes

            [*]System: Allow all rotations - rotation will be allowed in all directions, even upside down!

            [*]System: Device properties - a number of device properties (normally read from build.prop) can be changed on the fly. BOARD, BRAND, DEVICE, MODEL and PRODUCT are included initially. Want others? Let me know!

            [*]System: Disable forward lock: Apps will not be able to install to /mnt/asec, instead installing to /data/app. NOTE: May cause issues on some Samsung devices.

            [*]System: Enable app buttons - the disable and notification options will be enabled for system apps.

            [*]System: Force software menu - The software menu button will be displayed even if you have a hardware menu button.

            [*]System: Hide battery meter - hide the battery meter, useful if you're using a third party app in the notification bar like Battery Widget Reborn (now also supports the HTC One!)

            [*]Trackball Alert: Easy download link

            [*]Wireless: Enable NFC when screen is off - NFC works when the screen is off, useful for NFC launch tasks.

            [*]Wireless: Enable VPN with Face Lock - VPN (Credential Storage) will be available with Face Lock security.

            The new release requires an update to Xposed Framework 2.1.4, which is a hotfix to fix resource replacement support for the HTC One as well as a bootloop fix for the Galaxy S4!

            Head on over to the MoDaCo Toolkit topic to download, or if you have a previous version installed, simply launched the MoDaCo Toolkit settings application to initiate a background update check.

            Finally, don't forget that for a limited time you can get MoDaCo Toolkit Pro free - see this post for more details.

            Enjoy! :)



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