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G300 bricked.. help pls!

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Hi Guys,

my g300 was bricked and can't enter in CWM mode. can see only bootlogo

if i push power and vu+ or vu- or together nothing happen ;(

not know if i wrong something but before i install last electra rom with success

after i would like to try the last stock+ rom

CWM > Wipe data/factory reset /

CWM > Wipe both dalvik

CWM > Wipe cache partitions

chose zip file of stock+ / DONE / reboot and bricked ;( someone can help me? thx

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Something similar happend to me sometime ago. I flashed a new custom rom and then cliicked reboot, but the phone was frozen at the huawei logo. I was using the 2030 baseband.

Then i downloaded the b952 official ICS from Huawei (international version) from the Huawei site and put the dload folder on my sd card, and tried force upgrade. The update process worked and my phone finally booted on b952! Then I rooted, installed CWM again and then flashed CM10 by Dazzozo. Since then I never had a problem with my phone! :D

Hope this helps!

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