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[GUIDE] How to unbrick the G300

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From what I've seen on this topic, I had almost the same problem. I couldn't acces CWM, so I decided to force official update and the one given here got stuck exsactly where yours did. I also tried those middle files, and they got stuck just as yours. So I tried this http://www.huaweidevice.com/cn/downloadCenter.do?method=toDownloadFile&flay=software&softid=NDE4NjY=, and it worked.


Hope that works for you too.


Man I'm facing the same issue (my phone's vendor is China Unicom as well) and did the same thing but the bar only fills up to about 15% and gets stuck. I downloaded the firmware from a mirror site since the link you gave was all in Chinese and I couldn't find the exact firmware file that you were talking about. Is is that I may have downloaded some other firmware? Can you post the direct download link of the firmware file you're talking about? That would be really helpful! Thanks!

PS I downloaded this firmware from the mirror site: https://mega.co.nz/#!ll4HCBpS!HNgYxiF8Ey4DahXnt1KDm17iKXY_mXxhPbD1c8b6yHM

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I created an account on the site just to say : thank you ! Your method helped me unbrick my G300.


Thank you for sharing your knowledge to newbies like me :)


I want to add useful information for others : huawei downloads are very slow and tend to fail. Use the following link for better downloads :


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hello my huawei g300 is bricked
If I install the firmware Vodafone and I am from Argentina it works for vodafone sim? Argentina because of me does not appear on the website of Huawei.

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