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No 3g signal - unable to receive calls or texts

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So I was running baidu v26 beta rom and couldn't get internet signal, however I could make calls and receive texts.

This was suggested as a potential (although untested work around):

I tried it but it did not work, still no internet on the rom, as a result I installed the slim bean rom, however when I booted it I had no signal, could not make calls/texts/no 3g.

I then flashed slim rom v12 and still i have no signal or 3g.

I am on the three network so the phone has to be 3g enabled for the sim to work, so I presume my 3g must be totally defunct, any suggestions on a fix?

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hi, many thanks for your reply, i flashed the hspa 9 that corresponded to my build number (b952) however on reboot it seems no luck as i still have no signal

edit: upon reboot it got stuck on the android logo, rebooted itself and then started up


scrap that, i rebooted and it works, thanks again for your help!

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