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New G300 - get rid of Vodafone apps?

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Just got a new g300 from Amazon UK.

It's running ICS. Android version 4.0.3 baseband 2030, kernel version 3.0.8-perf-00248, build number U8815v100r001c02B960

Just awaiting the unlock code coming through so it can be used with non-vodafone SIMs.

This phone is for my mother, so I don't want to meddle with it too much, in the interests of simplicity/reliability :)

But I do want to get rid of all the crap apps, Facebook, and Vodafone branding. What's the best way to do this?

I assume it will need a new ROM flashing, but if that is the case, which one would be best to do?

Thanks for any advice :)

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You just need root access then you can delete what you like. There are good guides on how to do this in the forum.

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As colehole said you can root, then remove the unwanted apps.

However after you unlock your phone, you might want to run your G300 for at least a week or two or maybe even 30 days as stock, just in case you need to return it if it's faulty. While you're running it in you can request an unlock bootloader code from Huawei, info here: http://www.modaco.com/topic/362724-official-code-request-to-unlock-the-bootloader-final-post/

Lastly make a nandroid backup of your phone before you remove anything so can return to stock if you want to.

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