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Any idea on Pipo M6?

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I have basically narrowed its features down to:

Android 4.2

2GB RAM quad core RK3188 CPU

Retina touch screen


Bluetooth 4.0

Gyroscope & Built-in 3D Accelerator

10000mAh battery

It looks awesome! Id like to use my tablet for gaming, watching videos, streaming online and sometime as a portable e-book. Anybody here ever use M6 or anybody got any idea?

thanks for reading :)

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gaming performance will probably depend on how many developers optimize for the rk3188 chipset. i was reading that because it's so new, even hardware encoding for video is a little patchy so far.

that screen resolution is extreme!

might give the M9 Max a run for my money tho.... ;)

ah. shame about the side ports. the m9 was interesting because of the top ports (90% of my tab time is in landscape, and the location of the micro usb port on my N7 is a real bugbear)

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I'm also looking for more info on Pipo M6! Looks very nice, and model M9 was/is popular, had great reviews. I didn't like the idea of removing HW volume buttons on M9. I'd like HD/retina screen, so I'd go for M6 but no reviews online, so I'm a bit scared!

I just opened a new thread here to avoid cross-posting.

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