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Bricked orange sandiego

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Basically what happened was I tried to update.zip and I did it and ever since I have I turn on my phone and the Xolo logo comes up then the screen just goes black. But the screen is on because i can type the code but i cant see the screen. I cant boot my phone into recovery or anything and my screen goes green/blue/red/white and I need help on how to unbrick or fix my phone thank you in advance. :)

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I had the same problem. The only thing which helped me is following:

1. Remove the Simcard

2. connect the phone with hdmi to a TV.

3. Start the phone normal with powerbutton.

You will see on TV that the phone is booting normally. The Touchscreen is working, only the Phonedisplay is off.

4.now try unlock the phone which is a little tricky bcs. the TV-Picture is vertical but the Touchscreen is horizontal.ne

5. Run the Mobile-Update. It will offer you the 23MB update. Accept and Install it.

The Phone will restart and will work like before. Absolutely unrootet.

This is the problem which i try to solve actually. Every time i tried to root it, its only makes the display out of work.

So, i hope its working for you. And sry for my bad english.

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