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Questions about battery life

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1. What's the best way to use the crescent without it dying? At the moment mine last about 3 hours before dying. Any tips?

2. What's the best rom to use if I want the crescent to last more than 3 hours when it's being used?

3. Where's the best place to buy a new battery for the crescent?

Currently using CM9, and I'm using my phone mainly for irc (Internet relay chat) on the move.

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1. Don't use it at all. If you are using it with the screen on, or using mobile data/wifi/gps it will run out very fast. You can use betterbatterystats too see if anything in particular is causing your device to stop entering deep sleep. (look for partial wakelocks) and you can clear battery stats when you're charged at 100% upon the installation of a new rom, but thats about it. Its a budget device so i have come to accept very poor battery life. Maybe because you are using IRC the battery is low, as I imagine that needs a constant connection to the server, rather than supporting to wake when needed.

2. I have found battery life to be equal in all roms.

3. Theres a thread on here about replacement batteries

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