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Orange San Francisco II TPT/ICS Help

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So, to get ICS on my OSFII, I'll need to allow for a bigger system partition through TPTing. I've got the TPT helper app, but i'm still worried that it'll brick my phone. First off, does it Require rooting your phone first? After this, and if it does, I'll need help with ICS 4.0. This part is key: Does this require root? And does the TPT helper auto-install Clockwork Recovery onto my phone? Thanks

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There is no easy way to tell you, you will have to take the time to research yourself.

A good start is reading the guides and instruction on how to install each rom. Sticky here.

- I don't think root is required, but if you want to do any kind of tweaking, I wouldn't leave your handset unrooted.

- Yes TPT helper includes the recovery images asfaik - it just flashes the same tpts available on the forum here.

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