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Apple make the best, not the most.

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I watched the D10 and then the D11 interviews with Tim Cook, the other day, and I have to say what a great, calm and brilliant CEO he is for Apple. I just wanted to share this small portion of the D11, for those who relentlessly talk about how many Android phones are sold, and who kinda (totally) miss the point... that Apple don't care about that, which is one of the reasons Android fanatics get so worked up. Dominoes sell *exponentially* more pizzas than your local, family run, *authentic* Italian restaurant... but which tastes better, is healthier for you, is cooked by a chef who knows the ingredients inside out... and who wants to be the best, not the biggest? Which stands out more as an incredible experience? We all know which :)

Apple make the best, not the most.

Full D11 here:

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