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Get O2 Priority Moments FREE with a Pay & Go SIM

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I don’t know about you, but I've always been a little jealous when @PaulOBrien tells us about another great deal on O2 Priority Moments.

I'm on a T-Mobile contract, but I’d heard a little rumour you could get to O2 Priority Moments without permanently moving to over O2, so I thought i'd give it a go. Here's how I got on and what you need to do.

Before we start, I will just state that the only prerequisite of this guide is that you have a network unlocked phone.

Grab your FREE PAY SIM

So first things first, head over to O2 and order yourself a FREE prepay SIM by choosing Pay & Go Go Go


The screen that follows says you can choose between standard or nano SIMs, when mine arrived it was a combo SIM that could be popped out as either standard or micro (see below). I ordered the SIM on the Tuesday and it arrived on the Friday. In fact, they sent me two.


As you probably know if you've already tried, you can’t actually download the O2 Priority Moments app from the Play Store unless your device is SIM connected onto the O2 network.

Here’s me trying with my T-Mobile SIM inserted (this item isn't available on your carrier).


But after powering off the phone and swapping over to the O2 PAYG SIM the Play Store presented me with this screen when trying to install the app again (INSTALL - WOOHOO)!

Note: You will need to be on Wi-Fi to download the app as you won't have any credit on your free PAYG O2 SIM. But having zero credit on the SIM doesn't affect any of the whole process, which is a bonus. :)


Upon opening the app for the first time it will ask for your new O2 phone number and will send you a code via text message to confirm you're actually in possession of that valid O2 number, so keep your O2 SIM in your phone.

Now that you've installed the app and all is well, you can power off and swap back to your normal SIM as it appears that the only checks in place are:

  • You're connected to the O2 network when you initially install the app
  • The text message confirmation code sent upon opening and registering the app

After that, there are no more network checks. You can be back on your original SIM network or even Wi-Fi, it doesn't matter. The app doesn't appear to care once you're past the two initial checks.

They say proof of the pudding is in the eating, well here’s my FREE Thorton’s bag of chocolates I picked up from WH Smith via the app. :)


A word of warning though when redeeming offers. Once you hit redeem on the app and it displays the code you'll need to show the cashier, that's it, you get one shot at it. If you come out of the app and go back in, the deal will be shown as 'redeemed' and you can't get the code up again regardless of whether you've actually used the code or not. A good tip is to take a screenshot at the point where the code is displayed, 'just in case'. :)

Priority Moments on the Web

Another advantage of having an O2 phone number and signing up for Priority Moments is that you can now log onto the O2 Priority Moments website and access deals from there.


You’ll first need to register onto the site using your new O2 mobile number. Again, they’ll send a confirmation code to your O2 number (a different code to the check sent for the app confirmation). They also ask for your email address, date of birth and age. So if you aren't comfortable handing that over, you will have to swerve this.

If you are a music lover, the big bonus of O2 Priority Moments is being able to get pre-sale links to gig tickets at all of O2’s venues, usually on a Tuesday or Wednesday before general sale on the Friday. Pre-sale can save you real headaches trying to get tickets on general sale day when its like a jumble sale and all ticket sites start crashing.

Giving some love back to O2

Right, so I know i've shown you how to get this deal for free, but I think you should really consider supporting O2 and we've found a nice little deal for you to so this. With this £6.99 PAYG SIM from Amazon you get £10 of credit on it, so you can properly try the network out - actually see how O2 works for you, check out the network coverage and data speeds in your area. Maybe you'll consider switching? Whilst at the same time getting the Priority Moments bonus.


Personally, I think when my contract is up I will seriously consider moving to O2 so I won’t have to access Priority Moments in an arguably slightly underhand way. I will certainly use the gig ticket offers and some of the other freebies are also well worth being on their network for.

I don’t think there is much between the major networks these days, maybe its bonuses like this that can be that little incentive required to join O2 ahead of the competition?

So over to you, let us know how you get on.

I'm looking forward to seeing pictures of you scoffing all those Thorton’s Chocolates. :)

Click here to view the item

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Does the app itself test the sim/network in any way, or is that just the play store?

Does the app detect your phone number, and detect the incoming SMS, or does it just ask you to type in your phone number, then type in the code you get back?

If so, then you could probably sideload the apk onto a non-O2 Android phone, and put the SIM into an unlocked dumbphone (if your Android phone isn't unlocked, but you have a spare old unlocked phone, or a friend with an O2 phone that you can put your temp SIM into)

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I don't believe the app itself knows what network its on, nor cares. I think its just the Play Store doing the check.

The entering of the phone number and typing in the code sent by text is a fully manual process.

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The app itself has only become locked by carrier recently and does no checks bar the text code verification, which is entered manually. I personally use the Android app on my Nexus 4, but use the number from my work Blackberry.

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o2 priority moments are ace. As to is the o2 wifi app - you don't even need to be an o2 customer for that one!).

I've not had an o2 sim in mine (got a relative to reel off their code to me as they didn't have a phone that supports the app.).

I wonder whether the app ever checks the phone number after the first registration.=?

Because surely the PAYG sim will be deactivated at some point, would this then stop the app from working?

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was on o2 but went to over to three and ported my number. just downloaded priority moments and went through the sign up and text verification and all is good. Thornton's tomorrow :)

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