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OK is it only me, or has anyone else noticed how smooth, responsive and quick the stock keyboard from Google is compared to for example Swiftkey or others.

By smooth I mean to physical touch and interact with the screen

(no hear me out me please) :o

I have tried this keyboard in it's original form pre tinkering etc on all my Nexus devices (straight out of the box) and It seems as though my fingers/thumbs seem to slide THAT much easier, almost as though the screen has been polished, than other keyboards

OK could it be the haptic feedback settings?

Who knows, but please someone tell me I'm not going mad

:unsure: :wacko: :blink: :blush: :huh:

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yup, the jb keyboard is pretty sweet. Its smooth as silk compared to swype, which seemed quite sluggish in comparison. In fact I would go as far as saying its the best keyboard iv used on Android.

I tried living with swype for a while, but didnt like the way the autocorrect worked ( i found myself fighting it at times) and the fact you had to manually add what it considered swear words to the dictionary.

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