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My new Racing Game and new Tank Game! Free !! ^^

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My name is Lionel. Since childhood, video games fascinate me.

This isn't just a passion, it's also my job to create video games.

I went through years of learning how to do it and finally, i can make my own games.

So I create my own company to make games on Android.

I present you my new tank game, good luck and good score

Play as a tank commander and protect the secret communication HQ.

Resist the enemies waves as long as possible to improve your score.

Even more powerful enemy tanks will give you more trouble.

Air support is now available in this version .

You will be able to upgrade your weapons with the money you have collected.

Graphics has been improved and several environments are available.

While developing an overall strategy on the battlefield, you must defeat the enemy tanks in this armored warfare.

Your total gaming experience points will be recorded and you will be able to share it on the Internet to show your level to the world.

Lien PlayStore:


and my new Racing Game:

Frantic Race 2 the second part of the series of racing games where you do tricks with your car to increase your score.

New colors and stickers to personalize your car.

New features :

- Customize the color of your rims and your headlights.

- Police mode : Stop the speeders by using your bumpers.

Win all gold cups by finishing all the challenges.

Your total point of gaming experience will be recorded and you can share it on the internet to show your level to the world.

Lien PlayStore:



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