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Xolo x900 dead

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My xolo x900 coma. :angry2: cannot continue to figure out how to port JB to x900 anymore after the sudden died of my x900.

This incident happen after over night charging using my nokia N9 charger, the unit still function after unplug the power. After an hours later it getting hot & hot for 2hrs without screen. Due to battery build-in I not able to unplug the battery to prevent it continue getting hot.

I also try to hold a press the power button seems like no function.. now ... still laying there without function.. dismentle the battery found no voltage even plug in the external power and measure the pins out on phone battery holder.

Any idea to get the motherboard for replacement, mine already out of warranty. :wacko:

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I just brock my screen but i'm in France ^^now i just buy a Razr i ....

See You

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