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Itskins Zero.3 case for HTC One Review

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I need to let you know straight away that I like the cases for my phones really thin. I have always been a big fan of the Incipio Feather range and have had one on various devices of mine in the past. I'm not really keen on big and bulky cases. Whilst they no doubt give wonderful protection I just can't get on with them.

When I saw that MoDaCo site sponsor I Want More were offering the Itskin Zero.3 range for just £10 with free delivery I couldn't help but give one a go.

The Itskins motto for their Zero.3 range is "Less is More", because the case is just 0.3mm thick and weighs in at just 3 grams.

Upon ordering, the case was delivered next day from I Want More, so kudos there. I went for what is classed as the 'black' model, but in reality its more 'smoked' as it is transparent so you can see the detail on the back of the phone. All the different colours in the range are transparent too.

Included in the packaging is a screen protector, microfibre wipe, bubble removal card and Itskins product catalogue.

thumb_02-Jul-2013_Itskins2 (1 of 1).jpg

When you take the case of the box you soon realise that Itskins aren't wrong when they say "less is more" as it barely registers in your hand. It weighs nothing and is so thin.


Fitting to the One was very simple, just snap it into place. Being so thin makes it supple enough to easily squeeze over the corners. Once in place it doesn't feel like its going to fall off, its seems pretty secure.

Once attached to the phone it hardly adds any bulk to holding it. The only difference you notice when holding it is that you lose a small amount of curve on the back edges as the case is a little more angular, but there's hardly anything in it.


As the case snaps on to the front it creates a small lip all around the device, so if you place your phone front down the case would raise the screen up off the table etc.


Looking around the case the cut outs for the headphone, power button and volume rockers are neat, tidy and properly aligend. Along the bottom they leave the whole button section exposed rather than cutting out. I don't really see a problem with this.

Whilst the cut outs are nigh on perfect there are problems getting to the buttons. This isn't Itskins' fault, this is down to HTC's decision to have such low profile buttons. Even though the case is just 0.3mm thick the buttons on the HTC One are still below the case line, so you have to press your finger/thumb into the hole to get to them. The power button isn't that bad, but the volume rockers are a little difficult to press. Again, though, HTC's fault, not the case.

02-Jul-2013_bottom 3 800.png

So in summary, this case isn't going to protect your One if you drop it, but it will keep the back, top and sides clean and scratch free. Its light, barely there and adds next to no bulk to the phone. If that's the sort of thing you are after then you can't go wrong for just a tenner posted.

There is the slight concern over access to the volume rockers, but I get the feeling many HTC One cases will have this problem due to the flush buttons.

After seeing how transparent the black Zero.3 is, I wish I'd have gone for the clear version now as I bet that one looks really good and complements the silver HTC One. The Zero.3 is also available in yellow, red, pink and purple.

Do you think this might be the case for you?

02-Jul-2013_All the range640.png

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