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I've posted two reviews to Merimobiles and they both took a few days to appear.

A) 7 days have passed and still no sign of my review

B) they put a wrong technical specification for xiaomi red rice (wdcma) . somebody wrote them about it . They acknolewdged the mistake saying they will modify the heading . It was the 5 of august. The misleading heading is still here

At this point they are either not correct or very bad website

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update : another 4 days and still no sign of my review.

i think the site is very poorly managed

It's a veneer of goodness

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Unfortunately, I am having a torrid time with Merimobiles at the moment. 

Ordered the Pipo M6 for £170 on September 29th as yet my order is still marked awaiting fulfillment.


I have sent a couple of emails with no response and every time I contact "John" on the pop-up chat thing they just tell me the manager has marked my order for dispatch tomorrow..


But tomorrow never comes.


I did tons of research before deciding on Merimobiles but it seems i've picked a red herring! 


I am now worried that if the M6 is faulty when it arrives I'll have no chance of a refund or fix.


When the order is finally dispatched do you chaps have any idea how long the parcel would take to get to the UK? 




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