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Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos - 3G(UMTS) - App to SD - etc

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Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos Specs and Features






Let's discuss our thoughts about this phone and give other users some tips to maximize the use of their phone.

:excl: How to set the data connection to 3G (UMTS) ONLY?

Initially you will notice under the Mobile Networks setting that there is no option what Network Mode do you want to use. The only Network Mode available to choose is the [use only 2G networks]. Though [use only 2G networks] is not selected we are not sure if we are using the best connection. So what's the point of choosing 2G connection if we want best speed when connected to data?

Follow the below steps to set your data connection to 3G (UMTS) ONLY:

  1. From phone main menu keypad dial *#197328640#

  2. A series of selection window will appear, and be sure to select the following in order:

    3. That's it!! Now you are sure that you are using the fastest data connection available! :)


    Some curious questions that we are hoping to find answer:

    • Is there a way to transfer installed applications to external SD memory?
    • Is ROOT available for this phone?

    Give us your thoughts, tips and tricks... :D

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I have found links on the steps how to ROOT your Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos (GT-i9082)

Link 1:


Link 2:


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