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[SOLVED] Ridiculous 20 kilobits 2G data rate

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Again, this is a major problem for this phone, when using 2G the data rate is as low as 20 kilobits per second with ping time between 0,7 and 2 full seconds ... that makes internet useless, not even to download a line sticker, a 30 kBytes image would take a full 10 seconds to download ... web navigation is impossible, and so on.

I have used speedtest app from the market, but any other one will be fine.

I know we all want to use 3G, but nearly everyday you lose 3G connection, inside certain buildings or in bad coverage areas, so even this may not look a major problem, it really is, as you get close to zero data when you lose 3G connection.

I report from Spain, and I don`t know if this happens also elsewhere, so I ask for your help, please turn your 3G off, and make a speed test with 2G, so we can all know if this a problem vowney should take into account.

For me the mobile is useless with this behaviour, probably it happens to you also, but as it does not happen all the time it may have go unnoticed to you.

edition: I am sorry, this problem was ISP related, it has nothing to do with vowney

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