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Prey Anti Theft app (free) - you should install it

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Everyone should install Prey Anti Theft on their phones, whether its an OSD or not. It'll track your phone if it's stolen, you just have to send the a text (default is GO PREY) then it will start tracking them using the phones GPS and it will take pictures of their mug using the front facing camera :), you will get multiple reports emailed to you and it's stored in your account on their site.

"But what happens if they take out the sim card?", well this is the reason I'm posting this today. I was having signal issues today (hopefully a one off) so took out my sim card and swapped in a spare orange sim, the app leapt into action and activated the GPS and took a photo of me with a puzzled look on my face, then emailed me the report lol

I know what you are thinking though, if they just uninstall the app they can keep your phone. Nope, you need to input a password to uninstall, so its staying on there until you decide to uninstall.

At the very least you should consider installing this, or a similar app, not much the police can do if your phones stolen. But with this installed, you could just forward on the reports onto the police with the theifs GPS location and get back your phone.

BBC Click did a report on it a couple of years ago; worth a watch (sorry about the poor video quality, all I could find);

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