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Help me with this something unknown with my Xolo X900

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sorry for my english.............

ok i found something with my xolo x900-

my xolo x900 is running ics 58 mb updtae(so no root ,sd card ) when i plugged it with my pc how is it getting in to the usb mass storage mode


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Not 100% sure of your question TBH but if you go to settings/storage and press the menu button again you can then press the 'USB computer connection' option. This will let you swap between MTP and PTP modes. By default it should be in MTP mode. You can also get there by plugging it into your PC and clicking the link in the notification bar.

https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=in.zatta.USB_switch lets you switch between MPT and mass storage but I think you need to be rooted. It works by the way, I've tried it.

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