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Microphone high gain/distorted in apps

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Hey awesome people of the Modaco community.

I got a Nexus 4 a couple months back and most of the time I love it - especially the clean official ROM.

Sadly there are 2 problems that have made me turn to the community for a solution. One is the battery life, the other is the microphone.

When using the N4 for video recording, audio recording, Whatsapp, Skype or anything of the sort, the audio is awfully garbled, in high noise situations like a music gig it is distorted beyond all recognition. It's kinda unacceptable from a flagship Google phone, and is the one thing that makes me jealous of iphone users, their crystal clear audio in Whatsapp was what first alerted me to the problem.

Google aren't gonna fix this any time soon so I wanted to ask if anyone has found a solution or wants to discuss the problem! I've found a couple of posts elsewhere that suggest using faux kernel. But I want to use the franco kernel for better battery too. Any suggestions?

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Agree about the garbly audio recording.

Maybe try faux kernel out? Some over at xda reckon it's pretty light on the juice.

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Thanks, I'll try it and report my findings. It's been a while since I did any rooting etc so I'll have to refamiliarise myself, should be back in a couple days hehe.

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