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zte v9 light tablet was bricked ineed help

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i need someone to help. my brother bricked my light tab v9 zte and i dont know how he bricked it. sorry for my english... i put a security pattern on my tab and my nephew played it he thought its a game then it requires me for my mail and i can't remember so my brother said he will try to fix it. no luck and now it goes on cyanogen mod 7 then on green android logo wizard but sometimes in cwm-based recovery v4.0.1.4. none of it works because the touchscreen now doesnt work. after he flash the tablet the touchscreen doesnt work and i can't even set on the mass storage coz it doesn't work anymore. is there any way to fix this? please help... i do not want to buy new phones or tablet coz this tablet is so memorable...

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It sounds like he flashed an incompatable rom onto it. If you can get into cwm, then its not bricked.

Can you use the hardware buttons to navigate cwm or is it touch only?

Im not familiar with this tablet, but on my one, volume up/down moves through the menu options and the power button selects them.

You should be able to flash a new rom and get it working again.

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