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Cursed Chico

Cant mount sd card and my torch doesnot work

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My lcd screen cracked last year, so i gave phone to local service and they repaired last week. I am trying to install a new rom for days but i cant manage.

I tried cm version13 and aurora, but my torch doesnot work. EVen in camera, in flash mode. Should i again open phone and look if there is a problem or it is about software?

And other question, i cant mount my internal sd card. WHen i open es file, it only shows /sdcard, and nothing more.

Now i opening storage, total space 1.40 gb, apps 32 mb, intrnal stroage 1.02 gb and i took of external to see. In file exploerer, again i can only see sd card0. I cant see my system or anything. 1-2 years ago i could see my system.And i connect to pc, there is only one parttion. 1-2 years ago there were 2, one of internal sd other one is phone memory.

Please help me to solve this. And i mneed a rom that is only fast and using battery nicely.

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