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Help Needed From Freindly Developer

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Hi, I am hoping that one of the Android developers on here might be able to give me a bit of advice please regarding editting my 'framework.jar' file.

I have a Jiayu G3 phone running Android Jelly Bean 4.1.2 but my caller ID is not functioning properly because it is not matching local & international numbers. Having done a lot of searching it appears that this is probably due to the parameters in the 'framework.jar' file as per this post on xdadeveloper here

I have succesfully decompiled the 'framework-res.apk' file using apktools and confirmed that the 'config_use_strict_phone_number_comparation' variable is set to false. However, I am having trouble decompiling the 'framework.jar' file.

I have copied the 'framework.jar' file from my phone and opened it in a Jave decompiler. However, all I am presented with is the following:


In the xda post it says the following:

II) Check for and fix MIN_MATCH constant in telephony framework

1) Decompile framework.jar

2) Open smali/android/telephony/PhoneNumberUtils.smali

3) Search for MIN_MATCH constant and set it to 0x7

...but I don't appear to have that in mine.

Am I doing something wrong.

If anyone could offer any advice I would be very grateful.

Many thanks


P'S. I tried posting this in the xda post itself but I don't have authorisation to post in the developers section so I thought I would try here where I am a regular poster.

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