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Can I recover my phone?

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When I turn on my OSD, I'm seeing the Zolo logo but then get a blank screen.

I've tried to get into APX mode to connect to the PC and use the AIO tool, but have tried all combinations (Power vol+, power vol- etc) and can't seem to connect.

The first few times I was getting the funny coloured screen as described in this thread:


However now it is just booting to blank after the Zolo logo. I've also tried calling the phone and it just goes to voicemail so don't think its just an issue with screen displaying as described on the other thread.

Is there anything else I can try at this stage? Or should I return to shop (phone is under 6 months old). If I return to store, is there anything I can do to remove evidence of rooting (i.e. Remove to Zolo Logo?).

Many thanks in advance.

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