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Jiayu G2 & G3 simple root

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Jiayu G2 & G3 simple root

Firmware version was 20120910-132127.

Download the root package from here. (Click the white button on the right) and extract it.

1. Download and install usb drivers either from Android SDK or use PdaNet drivers. New version of Android SDK installation is different from previous versions. After extracting the file, go to development/sdk/tools/ folder and run "android.bat". Select Usb driver package to install.

2. Enable Unknown sources in Settings > Security and USB debugging in Settings > Developer options.

3. Connect your device and make sure it is recognized as Android phone (Android ADB interface) in Windows Control panel > Device manager

4. In the root package, run the RunMe.bat, type 1 and hit enter.

5. You should see messages about the process on your screen. On your phone, press '"restore my data" without entering a password.

6. When the process finishes, your phone will reboot. If the rooting was successful, you will see SuperSU in programs.

After running RunMe.bat, if you see error messages like "cannot create process xxx", replace Adb.exe, AdbWinApi.dll and AdbWinUsbApi.dll files in the root package with the ones you get from your Android SDK installation folder (development/sdk/platform-tools).

Good luck!

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The package seems to be for the G3 ? Are you sure this will work with the G2 ?

The last time I attempted this using another link to a root install on here it messed the phone up needing a factory reset.

Also from what I understand (which may be wrong) rooting the G2 this way doesn't install a recovery partition ? How do you upgrade the OS from there ?

What about the Jiayu Android App ? No one seems to mention it here, but presumably this contains links to root installers that are more specific to each model of handset and more likely to succeed ?

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