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MoDaCo Switch - Galaxy S4

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Hey guys!

Just curious to find out the estimated completion of Switch for the GT-i9505?

I know the Indiegogo campaign was successfully funded a while ago, so does that mean Paul has already started and it will be available by the end of the campaign, or will he start at the end of the campaign and release it at a later date? Any help would be appreciated :)


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He had a vacation he just got back from, and there is still a few days left of the Indiegogo campaign, even though it has passed its goal. No idea if he's started working on it yet, though I doubt he did anything during his vacation :-P

Just have to be patient and wait, just like me and probably lots of other i9505 owners :-)

Looking forward to testing it :-D

oh ok! i didnt realise he went away :P

anyway, i cant wait til its released for testing! :D

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