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Omar korom

Do you advice me to get a Galaxy S4 Copy / Clone ? 13MP / 1.6 Ghz CPU Quad Core !!

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the price is : 170 $ <_<

The Galaxy S4 Clone have :

13 MP of Camera + 2 MP front camera

Quad Core ARMv7 Proccessor 1.6 Ghz

2 GB of RAM

Android : 4.2.2

Screen resolution: 1080x1290


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Eh.. I wouldn't. You'd be better off buying an actual Chinese MediaTek phone than a knockoff like this.

A friend of mine bought a Galaxy S3 knockoff similar to this one and it's really bad.

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this forum is packed with info on china phones,


i recently bought these

Xiaocai x9


THL W200 for my grandparent (wanted big screen)


I agree, that thread is great. If you're serious about buying a Chinese phone, definitely check it out.

THL seems to be a good manufacturer, judging by the experiences of people here who have bought their phones.

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