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G300 Random reboots

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Hey all,

Been a lurker on this forum for a while. Had my G300 for about 12 months. Originally i wanted to try custom rom's but after reading varying degree's of success i decided to just stick with stock rom. I originally rooted the phone following Paul's original thread about rooting this phone. It was working fine for a while (i rooted it because certain apps needed root access). But over the last 7 months, it has random reboots. I read about the 3G reboot issue due to unlocked bootloaders but i dont think i actually did anything to attempt to unlock it at any point since i rooted the phone. I thought it was an app causing the problem as it seemed to only happen after i install it.Removed it. And a few other apps. Worked ok. Then random reboots happens again. Basically phone reboots (i normally use 3G - tried it using 2G, didnt make a difference), 50% of the time it says No service. Rest of time it takes what looks like a bit of reboot looping before it comes up with Vodafone and usual details. Widgets i had on screen had to be added back onscreen (confirmed they hadnt been moved to SD card - i know widgets wont work anyway if u do that), Certain other apps wont relaunch for some reason. Odd thing is, i turn phone off, pull sd card out, reboot phone and it seems to work ok once or twice (i use link2sd with about 80 odd apps). Havent tried it for extended period though.

Any ideas what maybe causing this?.

dodgy sd card?

Is this related to 3g reboot issue?.

Its really starting to annoy the **** out of me to the point im considering getting a new phone (considering backing up apps+data and use factory restore, but unsure what would happen in this case as im using link2sd to link apps to sdcard)

Also is there an app or way to find out whether bootloader is indeed locked?

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I only got reboots if I turned Wi-Fi off. Worst I noticed was driving along a motorway: the phone rebooted when negotiating a link to the next tower. Solution: leave Wi-Fi on.

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Rooting seems to screw up the phone. I have the G510 and it is constantly rebooting. Nobody seems to know why this is happening or has a fix.

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The 3G reboot thing seemed to be bad in Oz, not so much here 2 hours east.

Which version rom do you run? B8xx = GB 2.z or B9xx = ICS 4.0.x?

I have B926 ICS 4.0.3, rooted and no rebooting problems.

In the menu Settings -> Apps -> Downloaded then in the panel for each App

beside the button [Clear Data] is a button [Move to SD] or [Move to Phone]

No need for Link2SD

Your suggestion of dodgy SD could be true. Nothing personal friend, :ph34r:

but some ppl try to economise on the sd and it doesn't work.

No way am I saying buy Kingston or SanDisk, they're twice the price of

other perfectly good brands ...

Another possibility is with you running quite a number of apps, even when they're

"stopped" the ram can slowly fill with cruft. You might need to pre-emptively

do a reboot yourself at a time of your choosing. I don't get reboots, just slow

running, which I can clear by a manual reboot about once a week.

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Forgot to mention

It reboots regularly when a call comes in, and also after to boots widgets have to be readded to home screens for some reason "Problem loading widget" error. Widgets have never been moved nor linked off to sd card so wondering if its something else ?

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