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Is HTC One my best bet?

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I will be ordering a new phone in the next few weeks. I think I have chosen HTC One would be the best option but just wanted to check in. The best deal I have found is £140 for the phone on O2 with a £17/m contract. The phone will mostly be used for social networks, texting, web browsing with a large amount of photo taking of young family.

I see the Sony Z1 is on its way and hear a nexus 5 is coming soon. Are these worth waiting for and will they be of a similar price.

I really like the idea of the stock android ui and see this is simple on the HTC One.

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yeah good choice, HTC's newer range are really nice but, my advise dont cheap out on a device you'll regret it later when you notice it lagging against a newer device, save up or pay more each month and buy a flagship phone. S4, ONE X,

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