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[GB][2.3.7]CyanogenMod 7 Plus

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i use this version of cm7 for over 2 month now, this version have fixed voice quality and wifi, only bug that is still present is bluetooth(for my needs i use bluetoothfiletransfer from market, so for me that is not a realy big bug xD )


The tethering works (I'm using it now!) but sometimes you need to reboot. I tried 'wireless tether' but it seems to want to use wep rather than a stronger protocol - which is strange, 'cause on my old ZTE Racer it uses pka (?) (I still use it as a modem, even though the screen is broken - use Myphoneexplorer - it's free!), also on cyogenmod 7. Anyway, all problems, I've found, can be worked out. The point, I think is, that, with this hardware, the lighter weight of Gingerbread is probably best - no?

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