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My HTC ONE won't reboot after I install/update the xposed framework

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So far I've rooted my HTC ONE and I'm trying to get the Xposed framework. I've installed everything and everything seemed to be going well until I hit the reboot after installing/updating the xposed installer. I've searched and searched and I've found answer but it's not working out too well. I found a link that had me add another package and to install another zip from the recovery but I still get the message "not permitted!" then I hit ok and nothing happens. I manually reboot it but that clears everything. I'm sure I did it wrong because I had everything on my phone before I added the necessary files. I'm completely new to this (This is my first smartphone and I've had it for about 5 days now) and a little bit timid to go into the tampered fast-boot and change everything. If reinstalling everything is my best bet how far do I need to go(ie do I have to get rid of the recovery files?).

While I'm here I've downloaded Madoco tool kit and was wondering what other apps are good to use with this framework. Are there other frameworks that are worth looking into as well? Thanks for your time!

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I dont know much about the htc one, but a mate with a one x has to tether the thing via adb to flash anything via custom recovery.   Maybe htc have knobbled the one as well so you cant install unauthorised stuff without pratting about.  As i say, on the one x you have to tether and issue a few adb commands before you flash things, you cant do it straight from the phones recovery.

I would suggest searching on here or xda developers for a solution.

As for the xposed framework, I use the xprivacy module, its an amazingly powerful permissions manager and firewall.

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