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Ext4 without journaling and battery life

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Hi all,

I noticed that mounting sd-ext as ext4 without journaling in s2e(simple2sd app) improves battery life, also without enabling app2sd.

I tried it in all cm7/cm7.2 with positive effect.

Could you try it and maybe someone implement it into a rom?!

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Hello brgi

I currently am on MIUI v4 rom

but i use cm7.2 for daily use, so i will try these tweaks when i get back to my old cm7.2 Nandroid

I use Link2Sd on cm7.2

can you please give us some battery reading with and without your ext4 tweak, because i think the battery life of cm7.2(cm remix by Master_T) is pretty good, its around- less than or equal to 1 percent an hour.

can this above tweak do better? i always keep all my apps on the ext partition because i install a lot of apps

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