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lumia 820 battery heat problem

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Lumia 820(already updated) is the first windows phone which I bought not very long ago. I found out that it is easier get hot than my previous cell phones when just bought. And the battery life also a little disappoited me especially when watching non-stop media..

I know it could be many reasons since I’ve asked help from google...I think most probably is the overheating drains the battery.

I am not sure the generated heat was a result of a defective battery since my display did not set to higher levels or using the flashlight, games, heavy web and videos browsing. Sometimes these indeed suck my battery out of life very quickly. Anyway, I swap a MPJ 2500mAh battery which I bought with my Lumia 820 to troubleshoot if it was the problem of BP-5T, but it worked quite well. Also, the phone charger did not have any physical damage.

Then I tired to off the phone for one whole day and set display to even lower. After some steps indeed helped me discovered some apps that were pulling too much battery power cus after I installed these apps it stopped loosing its charge super fast. Luckily it was not a defective OEM battery but I already start in relying on quality replacement battery:)

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The heat may be due to the battery drain or components working hard, most devices nowadays get warm with normal use it's not just your phone.

My 925 when playing Halo gets really toasty lol I know people with Android devices etc have the same issue.

WiFi, anything graphic intensive will be a drain on the device.


Bet advice for battery life, don't try and fully drain the battery as it can damage it, give it some good overnight charges to help condition the battery.

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