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i ve flashed CM 10.2. build 21.9. over 10.1  from 06.2013 yesterday, after done all, setup all,


phone went to deep sleep and died.


No way to wake up it. Not on networks. No reaction to charger.


Removed battery, put againg, power on, everything work well ........ until let it go in sleep. Phone dies in 10 secs after display disable.


On charger, phone sleep OK, because not going in deep sleep.


I have tested all standard solutions with no result:




- restore CWMR backup 10.1

- restore CWMR backup B952

- new recovery

- relock bootloader

- unlock bootloader unofficilal

- unlock bootloder official

- flash different versions of baseband, bootloader, CWMR - with all combinations of restoration backups

- flash about 10 versions of ROM

- use update.app - NOT SUCCESFULL, no midle package or downgrade package or version works, everytime update failed, last chance will be zeroing IMEI :-( - later, as last chance

- dissassembly phone, check HW, conectors, clean everythink



- restored IMEI backup from original factory state backup

- used update.app B926






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Everytime wiped all.


Sometime directly formated parts of mmcblk.



EDIT: Hmm, thinking about HW problem, have someone service manuals for this phone? Mainly procesor power circuits?  It is extremly small probability to sync HW problem with soft upgrade, but no more ideas to test for me.

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