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[DEV][ROM][20.12.] CyanogenMod 10.2 (Android 4.3.1)

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i just wondered which do you prefer you? 10.1 or 10.2? why? :) thanks.

To me both are preatty close.... it comes to you and your blade because from device to device it varies

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Under KonstaT10.1 my Wayteq Libra working fine - without GEN3 patch. If i install this ROM its IMEI is lost. (Under CM11 too.) Any idea?

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I need a little help. After the digitizer replace touch screen work with only 2.3 rom, all 4.x touch screen is unresponsive.

Does anyone have any ideas?



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I too am having problems with the digitiser.


I started with CM11 which worked for a little bit but I found these bugs:


a) If you leave the install so it goes into sleep then the digitiser doesn't work when you bring the phone back with the power button.

ii) After a while the digitiser stops working (maybe a half hour - could be related to deep sleeping?). A clean install (from the very beginning with TPT) brings it back. Power cycling is not enough.


I am now trying 10.2 to see if it works....


Well initially the tocuscreen was unresponsive but I got it working by pulling the battery after the first time round during the initial setup session language selection (no touch screen=no power off confirmation!) and the second time it seemed to come up to the first config screens a bit quicker and the digitiser then worked.


So I'll monitor this and report back if it survives or not.


I wonder if there are different hardware revisions out there that are behaving differently?


The IMEI of this one is 3554580403xxxxx and I have a job lot I bought off ebay for a fiver each so I'll try a few more out.


More findings:


I had a couple more digitiser lock-outs but running CWM and rebooting via that seems to clear the condition - in case that helps to track it down.

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Somebody could make tutorial pls, bcos i am from hungary so it is difficult to me. Thx a lot :) How do i know that enough my patritions ? RIL good in Hungary?

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